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DOTS follow-up, SPR for applet bug

by Richard Pajerski

Posted on Wednesday February 15, 2023 at 10:27AM in Technology

Following up on my NSFDBHOOK post in December, I'm told the official word from HCL Product Management is that "HOOK and Event Management (EM) should be discontinued, as those have not been well used and tested functionality ..."  I can appreciate that it's hard to justify development if there isn't much traction, but having an easily accessible Java API for these low-level Domino events (without having to write my own DSAPI plugin) would've been a really handy feature for some of my custom applications.  There's always the Domino Ideas Portal for the future!

Regarding Java applets not loading in Notes, HCL is now tracking a fix under SPR #CECNCNPSCQ.

[February 28, 2023 update]  Defect article for applets can be found here:

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