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Sametime 11 FP2 upgrade - keep MongoDb running

by Richard Pajerski

Posted on Friday August 21, 2020 at 01:51PM in Technology

[Edit August 27, 2020: HCL has updated the documentation to include: "MongoDB needs to remain active during upgrade"]

Quick note on Sametime 11 FP2 which is now available on FlexNet.  [The fixlist is located here and the accompanying upgrade instructions are here.]

The instructions tell you to:

-- Close all applications on the server, including the Domino server administrator and the web browser.
-- Stop all Domino and Sametime services.

You might think this includes stopping the MongoDb service as well but you should actually keep that running, at least before you run the proxy upgrade.  The reason is that the proxy upgrade script tries to connect to the MongoDb service and if it isn't running the upgrade will not succeed and you'll be asked to:

"Please verify/update and stproxyconfig.xml manually."

It's not a major issue... you can simply restart the MongoDb service and rerun the upgrade.  However, since the upgrade process makes a backup of the previous Tomcat install, you'll now have a duplicate set of backup files.

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